My work has been published in SELF, Insider, VeryWell Health, Health, Healthline, Parents, WebMD, Sleepopolis, Patient Power, Kick Off and the Independent. And many other places and oft without a name. Here are samples.


  1. 13 tips for keeping a food journal
  2. 10 reasons you might pee at night
  3. Chronic sinusitis
  4. I’m a doctor and I love condoms
  5. Is the pain in your back from your kidney?
  6. Don’t ignore the tinging in your feet, it could be diabetic neuropathy

Health/VeryWell Health

  1. Diagnosing Hepatitis C
  2. 7 Best Home Covid Test Kits, Tested and Reviewed
  3. 12 Best Laundry Detergents for Sensitive Skin
  4. The Best compression Socks for Varicose Veins

The Independent

  1. As a doctor, I know why Ozempic and other weight loss drugs are so controversial
  2. Cervical cancer warning signs and how to eliminate it

Kick Off

  1. The truth about fat and cholesterol
  2. 6 fat and cholesterol myths debunked
  3. Mind-body connection, how your mental health affects your physical
  4. 12 ways to relieve anxiety in adults without therapy or medication


  1. 57 gifts for runners in 2022, by runners
  2. 41 best water bottles that make it easy to stay hydrated


  1. Fetal movements throughout pregnancy, what to expect

Patient Power

  1. Can cancer cause a fever?
  2. Breastfeeding and cancer


  1. Side effects of untreated sleep apnea
  2. Nocturia, a common sleep stealing condition


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