Dr. Nsisong “Cici” Asanga MPH, FETP, brings 15 years as a public health physician and field epidemiologist to her work as a freelance writer and professional wordsmith. Read her public health and medical advice in WebMD, Self, Insider, VeryWell, Health.com, and The Independent, where she shares her unique health and epidemiological insights with the world.

Cici can’t help being helpful. Working with the CDC, USAID, UNICEF, Nsisong volunteered to assist during the 2014 West African Ebola Outbreak and saw firsthand the impact good health practices can have on the public. These days, she’s merged her passion for helping others to her passion for the pen.

In sharing her medical experience in her work, Nsisong found the unique story her expertise brought to others. Now, she can’t help but offer other wordsmiths that same chance as she shares advice and tips on navigating the freelancing world.



  1. What’s your professional experience and education?

With over 15 years of general medical practice experience, Nsisong has a degree in Medicine and Surgery and a Master’s degree in Public Health. Working with the CDC, USAID, UNICEF, Panagora, AFENET, Chemonics, Livo, Forcura & Advance Community Health has made her one of the top voices in public health writing.

  1. What are your hobbies outside of medicine and health?

Writing has been in my blood since I can remember. I wrote my first book when I was four. Of course, I had a little support with that one. It was a picture book, and I remember getting help from a teacher I should thank now. Before medical school, during medical school, and after medical school, I kept writing.

Though I never made a dime out of my writing, I won the odd competition here and there. But at a certain point, I had to say to myself: it’s clear that I can write. It’s clear other people are earning a living with their writing. But how do I take my unique perspective and writing and broadcast my voice on a bigger platform?

LinkedIn was the game-changer for me. It was a place I could show my professional credentials to a wide network of editors, publishers, and freelance writers–a place to meet and make a name for myself. What I learned is now what I want to share with others.

  1. What are you most passionate about?

Creating opportunities so other freelancers can get their cut of the pie. I started sharing my public health experience on LinkedIn and discovered so much about freelancing, pitching, outreach, mentorship, and the power of faith and gratitude to connect you with other like-minded people. Who knew LinkedIn could be such a powerful place to connect?

My peers call me a freelance writer evangelist because I don’t want to see other freelance writers struggle to find great bylines and well-paying gigs.

I had a unique gift: my medical background. But the thing is, we all have unique perspectives to offer. I want to help other people find theirs.

  1. Why is Nsisong qualified to write for my publication?

SELF, Health, Insider, Parents, Patient, WebMD, Healthline, and other platforms have published my work. As a physician and writer, I bring practical and clinical experience fueling lifelong writing commitment. That rare combination makes the world’s top health publications so engaging to read, and it’s what I offer.

5. Why should I hire you?

Let me count the reasons: 13 Reasons to work with Dr. Cici

6. How can we discuss a project?

Email me: d r n c b a s s ey@ g m a i l . c o m

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