13 + Reasons to Work with Me – A Physician Writer’s Freelance Manifesto

13 + Reasons to Work with Me – The Physician Writer’s Freelance Manifesto 


Thank you for your consideration. The digital marketing and editorial space is vast and varied. Considering me is awesome all by itself. Why should you work with me? Hmm. I never knew how else to answer that than to say “why not”? 

Just kidding. 

The talent you choose can make or break your projects. Here are 13 ways I can add value and help you succeed.

  1. Expertise 

You get decades of writing, editorial and medical expertise when you work with me. I am a medical doctor and field epidemiologist with a master degree in Public Health. 

I have seen patients, fought epidemics, delivered babies and implemented programs. 

Worked with clients from all over the world, such as  WebMD, Africa CDC, CDC, USAID, Healthline, Health.com, Insider, Parents, VeryWell, SELF and The Independent. 

Seen, done, taught, supervised health writing and projects, at your service.

2. Experience 

A lifetime of writing experience. Over 10 years writing online. Over 7 years of writing for top health brands and organizations. 

Made my mistakes, learned from them. All you get is performance.

3. Intersectional view 

Being a writer, editor, marketer and physician helps me understand your project.

I know what matters. 

I know the rules and regulations.

I know the factors that drive sales and SEO.

 In short, I get it. 

4. Craft 

In writing and any other art, you have hacks and you have artists.

I’m an artist. I look for the most valuable and beautiful to help your project achieve its purpose. 

No matter what that is. 

I have written speeches that made audiences cheer (and tear up).

Emails that got government officials to review device classifications.

Press releases that became news, interviews, and extra funding.

And articles that yielded thousands in sales. 

Whatever needs to be done, I make sure it’s done well.

Not by meeting word counts. 

Not by copying 

Not by AI 

By using my love for what I do, well-honed processes and years of dedication to the practice to make your project successful.

5. Care 

Like craft, but with extra helpings of labor and affection. 

6. Passionate

101% love for what I do. (Phony math, I know, but you can see where I am going.) 

Being in this for the long run, I’m always trying to do my best work yet. 

7. Commitment 

If I say it, I do it.

If I am with you, you will never doubt it.  

8. Communication 

No ghosting

No ignoring 

Prompt replies, early responses, regular meets as agreed.

9. Innovation 

I have too many good ideas for my own good. Happy to share some with you. Delighted to help with

  • Solutions consulting
  • Ideation and strategy
  • Plotting and planning 
  • Teaching and mentorship 

10. Excellence

Imbibed from days in the Federal Government Academy for the Gifted and Talented. 

Those were good days. And they taught me that only the best was good enough for you. 

11. Collaborative

We are better and stronger together. Leveraging collective wisdom, feedback and insights matters is my priority 

12. Project management 

 PMP in view 😍. 

Your project gets done in time, within budget and according to international standards. 

13. Project pal

I know it’s not in the manual, but I like to be a friendly freelancer for my clients. And help you succeed. 

  • Share media opportunities 
  • Give social media tips 
  • Provide advice 

No extra cost, no silly questions. 

14. Executioner

Forgive the connotations. But sometimes you need to be dead driven to get results.

Like enrolling in a weight loss class for a month before you review it. 

Tasting an antiretroviral syrup for kids to get mothers to try it. 

Sending 30 personalized emails to find three sources for a story. 

Reading 100k words on medicare to write a blog post.

Whatever it takes.  (Within the limits of love for man and the environment and God). I get it done. 

One of my mottos is: no excuses. 

My favorite word? Handled.

15. Good vibes 


I could share my IQ test (ew), GRE scores, scholarships or chess master ratings. 

But that’s crap if you don’t enjoy working with me. Smart, warm, helpful, safe vibes, that’s what you get when you work with me. 

A teacher and mentor, I always seek to pick others up and make the pie bigger for everyone. 



That was a lot! 

Anyway, if anything I said resonates, and you would like to discuss projects, let me know.

My project rates begin at $1500 and usually book two to three months in advance. 

Email me at drncbassey at gmail dot com 

Can’t wait to meet you! 


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