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I have several years of writing experience and my work has been published by WebMD, VeryWell, Healthline, Parents, SELF, Health, Insider, The Independent and other platforms.
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Consultation, endorsement, discussion, and any kind of medical support you need, you are in the right place. I have over twelve years of medical experience, and it is all at your service


Life is hard. But it gets better when someone can cheer you on and hold you accountable, If you need coaching for your career, interview, book, or project, I am just a message away

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When you work with me, you are guaranteed great work all the time. Your needs will definitely be met and your expectations exceeded.


Blockchain And the Legal System

  “These technologies can change the meaning of law, how it is created and enforced. Lawyers should be part of the innovation so that the innovation still upholds society’s core values and the rule of law.” –Krzysztof Wojdylo, Head of New Technologies, Wardynski & Partners.   Legal systems are usually cautious about adopting new technologies,

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What Would It Take For Large-Scale Blockchain Technology Adoption?

 With the discovery of more business use cases for the blockchain, we are getting closer to widespread, industry-led adoption of the blockchain–the technology of the future. But what do we need to get there?    The blockchain is a foundational technology, rather than a disruptive one. It has the potential to transform existing, traditional processes:

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